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What stakes does the Gilbert SA Ward cover?

Gilbert Arizona Gateway Stake

Gilbert Arizona Greenfield Stake

Gilbert Arizona Highland East Stake

Gilbert Arizona Highland West Stake (home stake of the Gilbert SA Ward)

Gilbert Arizona Higley Stake

Gilbert Arizona San Tan Stake

Gilbert Arizona Seville Stake

Gilbert Arizona Stake

Gilbert Arizona Superstition Springs Stake

Gilbert Arizona Val Vista Stake

Gilbert Arizona Williams Field Stake

Mesa Arizona Boulder Creek Stake

Mesa Arizona Desert Ridge Stake

Mesa Arizona Eastmark Stake

Queen Creek Arizona Central Stake

Queen Creek Arizona East Stake

Queen Creek Arizona Heritage Stake

Queen Creek Arizona North Stake

Queen Creek Arizona Ocotillo Stake

Queen Creek Arizona South Stake

Queen Creek Arizona Stake

Queen Creek Arizona West Stake

San Tan Valley Arizona North Stake

San Tan Valley Arizona Stake

Relief Society -- Which Relief Society am I in?

We meet together most Sundays and usually participate in the same Relief Society activities.  We have two Relief Society organizations (organized by zip code) to help with organizing ministering assignments.

President Misty Romney (RS West) - 85234, 85925, 85296, 85204, 85206, & 85233.

President Sheena Toone (RS East) - 85128, 85132, 85140, 85142, 85143, 85209, 85212, 85297, & 85928

Ministering -- Where can I find my assignment?

Accessing Ministering Assignment in Member Tools App

Accessing Ministering Assignment through Church Website

Ministering -- Where can I find who my ministering brothers/sisters are?

Accessing Ministering Assignment in Member Tools App

Accessing Ministering Assignment through Church Website

Photo in Member Tools -- How do I add or change my photo?

iOS Device Procedure

Android Device Procedure

Ward Communications -- How do I sign up for (or unenroll from) the ward texts?

Sign up for our ward announcement texts: 

(It may send you a survey question – you can disregard or select ‘Student’.)

To unenroll from texts, text @leave in the thread and it should remove you.  You can also remove yourself if using the Remind app, or contact us to remove you.

Where can I find employment assistance?

See our Employment tab more for information.

Where can I find housing assistance?

If you have a room/house available to rent, or are looking for a room/house to rent, please check the Housing thread on our ward Facebook page*. Feel free to post specific housing opportunities as comments under this post. You should use your best judgment.

In addition to the above, check out one of these other resources*:

*Please note that the Gilbert Single Adult Ward does not maintain these external resources nor can we vouch for the content on any of these sites. These resources are presented as an avenue of external assistance. Please be sure to do your due diligence prior to signing any lease or exchanging any funds with an individual.