Personal Development

We have a Personal Development class every Thursday at 7 pm. It is held in our building (1010. S Recker Rd. 85296) in the Relief Society room. There will be refreshments and socialization afterward.  Contact Mallory Kidwell, Megan McShane, or Kami Cottle with questions.

Lesson Schedule (subject to change)


02/22 - The Science of Wellbeing and Happiness - Come and hear Kelly Andrews share the science behind well-being and how to achieve lasting happiness.

02/29 - Setting and Achieving Your Goals - This class will help you learn how to set manageable goals and sticking to them. Moreover, it will teach you how to reassess and adjust goals as the year goes on and not get discouraged when a goal is incomplete or needs to be changed. 

03/07 - The Science for Change and Overcoming Bad Habits - Principles to overcoming bad habits. Techniques we can employ to improve and change the habits we would rather not have and replace them with good habits.